Peter Winters – Owner & President of PH Winters Construction

Peter Winters has been a California Licensed General Contractor since 1977. During that time Peter has progressed from working as a tradesman starting in 1971 to being President and CEO of Winters-Schram Associates, one of the premier builders in Southern California for the past 25 years. Peter Winters has directly supervised many custom residential projects on his own, with Winters-Schram, and now as P H Winters Construction. In 2005 he moved to Carmel where he has re-established a reputation for excellence. He has been concentrating on the Carmel area with the intention of running only one or two special projects at a time.

Peter has several specialties resulting from his many years of building some of the most spectacular houses in California. Of note is his extensive experience with finish carpentry and millwork, awards winning architectural concrete and in building unique designs both traditional and modem.

Having had big company experience and now providing small company attention puts P H Winters head and shoulders above many other builders.

There are only three major factors in construction: cost, schedule, and quality. Peter Winters juggles these contradictory requirements to the owner’s satisfaction on every home he builds.